Welcome to our newly opened pet hotel!

We accept dogs of all sizes, providing accommodation according to the size of the pet. The hotel is divided into five parts with a separate entrance:

  • Outdoor kennel
  • Playroom
  • Cat hotel
  • Hotel for small and medium-sized dogs
  • Hotel for large dogs

We provide your pet with:

  • Comfort and attention.
  • Individual room with toys and a soft bed.
  • High-quality food of your choice, according to your preferences.

The hotel also offers hourly stays for:

  • Growing puppies who need to develop hygiene habits
  • Dogs that often howl when their owner is away or make mischief to attract attention

Accommodation conditions:

  • Clinically healthy animals
  • Valid polyvalent vaccine and rabies vaccine (according to age)
  • Internal deworming from 30 to 60 days before the date of accommodation, external deworming from 1 to 8 months (according to the deworming product)
  • Valid veterinary passport
  • Not aggressive towards other animals and people