New Vetconsult Veterinary Clinic Opening Soon

Новата ветеринарна клиника Ветконсулт скоро отваря врати

In fact, we all know the name and have had the opportunity to visit it. We also know the highly qualified staff of the clinic, with its manager and owner Dr. Krasen Penchev. “Vetconsult” is currently located at 21 Dobrovska Street, but from September 10th it will have a new address – 7 Beli Lom Street – between the Bus Station and the Computer Center. In the newly built building, both pets and their owners will feel much more comfortable, and the clinic’s specialists will have even better working conditions. The pet shop and a clinic for minor cases will remain on Dobrovska Street, while at 7 Beli Lom Street there will be many more innovations for pets, their health, and comfort.

You can read all about it in the shared article.

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