Nora the Puppy’s Luck

Късметът на кученцето Нора

On October 25, a puppy experienced both misfortune and good fortune. Unfortunately, it was hit by a car and left on the side of the road.

However, luck smiled on it when it came across wonderful people. Amanda and Alan Smith saw the dog, took it upon themselves to help it, and brought it to us for diagnosis and assistance.

The dog had a dislocated hip joint on its left pelvic limb, a pelvic fracture in the area of the sciatic nerve on its right pelvic limb, and a fracture of the humerus on its right thoracic limb.

Dr. Krasen Penchev examined the patient and promptly performed the necessary supportive therapy and operated on Nora twice.

Under the constant care of Alan and Amanda, Nora gradually improved her physical condition and four months later, to a person without medical education, she looked as if she had never experienced the severe trauma.

You can see photos of Nora and her rescuers here!

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