The privilege of the specialists at Vetconsult Clinic is to take care of your pets also in terms of their dental problems. We have modern dental equipment and a qualified dentist, which means we can offer you a high level of service.

Most often, pet owners turn to a veterinary dentist for tartar cleaning – the procedure is performed with an ultrasonic device, followed by grinding and polishing of the tooth enamel.

A common problem in some young dogs is false polyodontia, which is the incomplete natural release of milk teeth.

Before any dental intervention, an initial examination is performed by a veterinarian-dentist, who assesses the nature of the problem and suggests a solution. A pre-anesthetic examination of the patient is recommended due to the sedation they will undergo and their individual characteristics.

The clinic offers day-time hospitalization for observation of the patient and a recovery period for the owners when leaving anesthesia.

An appointment is required for dental examinations and procedures.

Dental services offered by VETKONSULT:

  • Specialized dental examination;
  • Tartar cleaning (with ultrasonic scaler); NEW! Tartar cleaning without anesthesia with ultrasonic brush.
  • Tooth grinding with polishing paste;
  • Treatment of teeth with fluoride-containing medications;
  • Extraction of milk teeth;
  • Extraction of a permanent tooth (with different degrees of complexity);
  • Removal of tooth fragments;
  • Treatment of caries with filling;
  • Fissure sealing;
  • Pulpitis, periodontitis treatment;
  • Canal filling;
  • Temporary filling placement;
  • Treatment of teeth with fractures and filling;
  • Opening of periodontal abscesses, periosteotomy;
  • Reduction of dental “pockets”;
  • Gingivectomy;
  • Curettage of dental “pockets” with subsequent medication treatment;
  • Complete aseptic treatment of the oral cavity;
  • Crown placement;
  • Maxillofacial surgery.

The listed dental services do not include the mandatory sedation and the recommended pre-anesthetic examination.