Dermatology has become a real challenge for veterinary specialists in recent years, as skin diseases are a problem both for the pet (especially if accompanied by itching or pain) and for people who are in contact with it. The variety of skin diseases of different nature – parasitic, bacterial, viral, hormonal, allergic, autoimmune, etc. carry a huge risk both for the health and appearance of the animal, and because of the risk of transmission of diseases.

Not always a simple clinical examination is enough to make an accurate diagnosis and identify the cause, and let’s not forget that very often skin problems reflect the condition of internal organs and systems.

Modern medicine allows the use of various dermatological tests, analyzes, research and treatment.

The specialists of Vetconsult Veterinary Clinic use the following diagnostic tests and treatment procedures:

  • Microscopic examination;
  • Bacteriological examination with preparation of an antibiogram;
  • Skin biopsy and histopathological examination;
  • Video-endoscopic examination of the ear canal, skin and body cavities
  • Hormonal studies;
  • Allergic tests;
  • Therapeutic bathing and trimming;
  • Preparation of a suitable dietary diet from a wide selection of therapeutic foods;
  • Suitable medications for treatment and treatment.

In order to offer you the best level of service, your pet will be examined by a certified dermatologist.