Veterinary Clinic Vetconsult offers pet owners:

  • Ultrasonic tartar removal without anesthesia.
  • Grooming – a collective term for the overall care of the dog’s appearance, which includes: bathing, combing, drying, ear cleaning, nail trimming, trimming according to the breed standard. The time of the procedure is determined depending on the size of the breed and the condition of the coat.
  • Trimming – it is part of the care that is necessary to maintain the aesthetic and healthy appearance of the dog or cat, helping the owners with missed maintenance or relieving the pet with long fur in the warm months.

It is correct for breeds with long fur to be combed at least once a day, and the fur in the chin, mouth, ears, paws and abdomen can be trimmed once a month for hygiene purposes after walks and feeding.

For certain breeds, a haircut is mandatory – poodles, schnauzers and most terriers need to be trimmed every two or three months.

For them, the hairstyles are standard, and for poodles the variety is the greatest. For short-haired breeds, it is necessary to treat them once or twice a week with suitable brushes in order to brush off dirt and loose hairs.

We should not neglect the weather conditions and the whims and specifics of the weather – it would be wrong to shave our pets, who are standing or tied outside, this would lead to overheating of the body or heat stroke.

Regular combing is an integral part of the daily care for the pet and in order to remove dead fibers and improve the thermoregulatory function of the body, aeration of the skin and thus reduce the risk of fungal and bacterial infections.

Owners should try to make daily combing a pleasure for both parties, which also acts as a massage and improves blood supply to the skin. During trimming, Vetconsult Veterinary Clinic may recommend services and products that will help and facilitate you in the daily care of your pet – cutting nails and cleaning ears and eyes with medicinal lotions…

Bathing and drying

Vetconsult Veterinary Clinic offers bathing of pets with suitable cosmetics, tailored to the breed characteristics. You will also receive professional advice on the proper care of your pet’s skin and coat.

Regular bathing is essential for every pet that lives indoors. Use only special shampoos for your pet. Human cosmetics are not suitable because of the different pH of the skin that animals have. The clinic also has different types of medicated shampoos, tailored to the individual problems and specific requirements of the patient.

We are pleased to be of service to you with the care of your little friend!