Based on what the owners of the sick animal share, the specialists from Vetconsult Clinic will pay the necessary attention to perform an examination that monitors the deviations, will assess the condition, and the information provided by the owners can be crucial for correct diagnostics and subsequent treatment.

We hope that many of you have already realized that the phrase “it will pass like a dog” is not valid and you understand the importance of timely examination to overcome the suffering of your pet.

Modern veterinary medicine offers:

  • Rapid diagnostic tests;
  • Ultrasound;
  • Radiography;
  • Electrocardiography;
  • Equipment for blood tests and biochemistry, since nature has not spared our pets and they suffer to one degree or another from all diseases that are common in humans;
  • Effective methods of pain relief, which allow for stress-free and pain-free examination and diagnostics of traumatic and painful processes.

Trust the veterinary specialists when it comes to prevention, examination, emergency medical intervention or supportive therapy.

If necessary, the therapist will consult with a narrow-profile specialist: surgeon – orthopedist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, dermatologist …

Our goal is to be beneficial to the health of your pets!