Vetconsult Clinic has the equipment to perform a complete blood count and biochemical tests to early diagnose diseases, pre-operative screening (blood tests that assess the safety of anesthesia), or confirm a suspected diagnosis.

Making the correct diagnosis is a decisive factor for the subsequent treatment and its effectiveness.

The following tests can be performed at Vetconsult Veterinary Clinic:

  • Infectious;
  • Parasitic;
  • Fungal and other diseases;
  • Blood sugar test;
  • Secretions;
  • Coprological examination for the presence of eggs and larvae of intestinal parasites.

We have rapid tests for:

  • Parvovirus;
  • Giardia;
  • Coronavirus infection;
  • Brucellosis;
  • Leishmaniasis;
  • 4DX plus test (for mosquito- and tick-borne diseases) – Dirofilaria, Lyme disease, two Ehrlichiosis subtypes, and two Anaplasmosis subtypes;
  • Pancreatitis;
  • Feline leukemia and panleukopenia tests and more.