Vetconsult Veterinary Clinic is committed to the comfort of its patients with regard to their ophthalmological problems in order to resolve and manage them as much as possible. Very often eye diseases can be managed with medication, but let’s not forget the subjective factor – the age of the patient and timely examination by an ophthalmologist.

Diagnosis and treatment of the eye and surrounding tissues includes:

  • Eyelid reconstruction for ectropion and entropion;
  • Surgical treatment of distichiasis (abnormally growing eyelashes);
  • Third eyelid changes (Cherry eye and others);
  • Glaucoma medication;
  • Full diagnostic services such as echography, indirect and direct ophthalmoscopy;
  • Medical therapy for corneal diseases, surgical treatment of corneal ulcer and other dystrophic disorders;
  • Examination (Schirmer test) and therapy of Dry keratoconjunctivitis (dry eyes)
  • Diagnosis for retinal degeneration;
  • Uveitis;
  • Microbiological examination of ocular secretion;
  • Abscesses and tumor formations in the eyelid and eye area