д-р Красен Пенчев

dr. Krasen Penchev

CEO, Veterinarian

Professional interests and postgraduate qualifications:

  • Orthopedics
  • Traumatology
  • Surgery
  • Ophthalmology


  • Graduated from the Trakia University in Stara Zagora in 2000.

Work experience:

  • March to September 2000: Worked as a veterinarian at Pilko EOOD, where he was responsible for the prevention and health of birds.
  • September 2000 to March 2001: Appointed as a warehouse manager for veterinary medical preparations at Spectromed OOD in Zavet.
  • March 2001: Worked at Pilko EOOD as a veterinarian.
  • February 2008: Assumed the position of Director of Veterinary Activities.
  • 2007: Defended his first dissertation on “Bird Diseases”.
  • May 16, 2005: Owner and manager of the Vetconsult Veterinary Complex, where he takes care of the health of your pets.

Attended seminars, courses, and specializations to improve knowledge, skills, and experience:

  • 27.05.2005г. WSAVA Continuing Education Course on „Clinical Laboratory” Dr Robert Favier
  • 28-29.05.2005г. 5th  BASAV Congress –Varna, Bulgaria “Small Animal Veterinary Conference”
  • 28.10.2006г. WSAVA Continuing Education Course on “Oncologic surgery and Reconstruction
  • 16.11.2007г. WSAVA Continuing Education Course on Canine and Feline Dermatology Dr. Didie Noel Carlotti
  • 28.03.2008г. VVC seminar „Clinical cases from our practice 2008” Trakian University
  • 24.04.2009г. VVC seminar „Clinical cases from our practice 2009” Trakian University
  • 5-7.06.2009г. 9th  BASAV Congress –Varna, Bulgaria “Small Animal Veterinary Conference”
  • 30.04.2010г. VVC seminar „Canine and Feline Ophtalmology Course” Prof.Dr.Fatma ESER
  • 18-20.06.2010г. 10th  BASAV Congress –Varna, Bulgaria “Small Animal Veterinary Conference”
  • 21.05.2011 Dermatology seminar of the dog and cat.  Prof.PatrickBOURDEAU, DVM, Dipl.ECVD,EVCP
  • 2-5.06.2011г.   11th BASAV Varna Small Animal Veterinary Conference
  • 17-18.05.2012 г. Workshop Ехографско изследване на корeмна кухина Basic д-р Георгиев
  • 31.05-03.06.2012 12th   BASAV Congress “Workshop on Orthopedic Surgery in Small Animal Practice”
  • 31.05-03.06.2012г. 12th  BASAV Congress –Varna, Bulgaria “Small Animal Veterinary Conference”
  • 20.10.2012г. WSAVA Continuing Education Course “Endocrinology”, held at Stara Zagora(Dr. Stijn Niessen)
  • 02-03.02.2013г. Practical course on „Clinical Patology” „CVK” Sofia
  • 2013г. (15-16 март) Small Animal Gastroenterology Seminar Stara Zagora (prof. Mike Willard)
  • 2013г. (20-23 юни) 13-th BASAV Congress, Varna, Sts Constantin & Helena
  • 2013г. WSAVA Continuing Education Course “Congenital heart disease of the cat and dog”
  • 2014г. (12-15.06) 14-th BASAV Congress, Varna, Sts Constantin & Helena
  • 2014г. September Congress for Veterinary Cardiology “ECG, Arrhythmia and anti-arrhythmic drugs”
  • 2014г. (11.10) WSAVA Continuing Education Course “RVC, day on veterinary surgery”
  • 24.04.2015 – Seminar of VVC forum , Giovanni Ghibaudo
  • 11.06.2015 – Workshop on Diagnostic Imaging in Small Animal Practice
  • 11-14.06.2015 – XV BASAV Congress – small animals , Sts Constantine & Helena, Varna
  • 10.10.2015 – WSAVA Continuing Education “Neurology” , Stara Zagora, Dr. Holger Volk
  • 21-22.11.2015 – BAVOT “Orthopedy of small animals” ?
  • 16-17.04. 2016 – Canine and Feline Ophthalmology Course- Silistra, Prof. Dr. Fatma Eser
  • 02.06 – 05.06.2016 XVI BASAV Congress , Sts Constantine & Helena, Varna
  • 02.07.2016  St. Constantine and Elena, Varna –  Basic techniques in small animal spinal surgery
  • 15.10.2016 – WSAVA Critical Care Of Small Animals, Stara Zagora
  • 05.11.2016 – BAVOT “Orthopedy of small animals”  Dr. Guenter Schwarz
  • 14.05.2017  Seminar OVK  and friends,  Varna
  • 08.06-10.06.2017 XVII BASAV Congress, Sts Constantine & Helena, Varna
  • 28-29.07.2017  Varna,  Practical seminar of Neurosurgery in small animals  Dr. Bianca Hettlich; Dr Ates Barut
  • 18.11.2017   Sofia , Joint Disease in small animals , dr. Luca Veconi, dr. Silvia Belochi